In the Beginning

This is my Cool Idea! A Blog;) I know. Not overly original but it's a step out there for me and I hope that you'll come along with me and enjoy.

So, 2009 is a New Year. New Beginnings. Time to try new things and retry some old ones.

My husband and I are both early adopters [see Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point"] and I generally like new things and bright ideas. I love the idea of the iPhone even though I don't have one. I've seen enough of those cool commercials to know that it's probably incredibly cool and useful and intuitive. One exception to the early adoption might be roller blades but I wasn't the target audience for those at the time plus I have a fear of uncontrollable speed. Well, I'm sure you can see the problem.

I'm hoping this will be a conversation.  A give and take of Cool Ideas. Let's Go!