Pinecone Research Open!

Pinecone Research is a great survey company and they are open again and looking for new people!! 

I've done several different survey companies but this is one I stick with because, even though it only pays $3 per survey, it pays it directly to my PayPal account with a day or two. Also, if there is an email in your account you know that the survey applies to you so it's not a waste of your time. These are things I appreciate. I've also gotten some neat products to test.

There is some fine print, just like other survey companies - you can only have one person per address signed up with Pinecone or it negates everyone at that address. So, don't try to cheat the system. Really.

Back to School

I almost typed "Happy New Year!" because it is that time of the year again. It's September and it feels like the beginning of a new beginning.

In fact, Comfort starts First Grade tomorrow. We've set out her outfit. Her lunch is ready. Backpack is cleaned out and a new name sticker has been affixed.

It's a new year. Enjoy.