Small Shopping

Spring Break is over and after I dropped Comfort and Joy at school I walked to the store. Yes, it's a lovely day in Richmond today. The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Pollen is flying through the air. Well, you can't have everything - this is Richmond in the springtime.

We love the fact that our neighborhood is built for walking. After dinner walks. After rest time walks. After church walks. Where-ever walks. And today it was a 'to the grocery store' walk.

But being me I had to do some multi-tasking. I grabbed my iPod so that I could listen to the soundtrack for my book, found a grocery list for the dinner I'm making for friends tonight, and walked the 5-6 blocks to the grocery.

Of course, I can't do this when it's time to do a major stocking up trip but I used to do the weekly shopping like this when the girls were in the stroller. I'd go 2-3 times a week and I found that $30 worth of groceries was what would fit in the storage compartment under the jogging stroller.

Now that they're walking I take them less but we still make some trips together. My trip today consisted of one very heavy reusable bag. It would have been lighter but I bought a quart of milk from the local creamery that was on closeout for $.50 and these come in glass bottles. So even though my total was only $17.10 my bag felt heavier.

Now I'm off to begin the dinner preparations, opening the windows and enjoying the wonderful weather while I can. Definitely a Cool Idea!


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