Have you seen TED?

Yes, I have been living under a rock. Well, maybe not under a rock but I have been living in the work of Nick, Jr and Sesame Street so I don't get to watch much TV aimed at adults. Most of the television I see is brought to me by 'The Letter R' and the 'spokesmonsters' have lured colors of fur. Maybe this is your world - maybe it's not:)

But now we have Netflix and I just adore the streaming feature. This might be the best use of Wii since the Fit!! I sit down to feed the baby I take care of during the day, make sure the controller is close to hand and now I have thousands of movies, shows, and documentaries close to hand in case he falls asleep and I'm trapped under an adorable baby and can't get up. I know, it's only a little bit of an excuse. We all know not to wake sleeping babies and it's been a VERY cold winter here in Virginia so I've been keeping the little guy close by for warmth. It works for both of us actually.

Netflix streaming has let me catch up on some shows that I never saw in the first place - like Buffy - and rewatch favorite old movies - I just love Desk Set. And the other night dh and I sat up and watched The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED. This was fantastic. It was full of great conversations in real English and everyone had a time limit and kept to that time limit out of respect for their peers. And some of those peers included Al Gore and some were community activists who I'd never heard of before.

So, I'm going back to the TED site to watch more of the talks and this is now part of my goal setting for the year. Here's one that I'm particularly fond of: 

Here are a lot of takeaways there but the one I'm starting with is "I am enough" because that is definitely a Cool Idea.


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