Why I Like Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts, Frosted Chocolate Fudge, 16-Count Tarts (Pack of 8)Yeah, I know they're not good for me and they're loaded with sugar and other cardboard like substances but I love them. I have since I was a child. Hmmm, maybe that's why I like them so much:)

Yep, I'm a child of the 1970s and never got to eat Pop-Tars unless we were traveling to see my grandparents. My mom used these treats to keep me quiet on the airplane. Of course, in those days they weren't made with High Fructose Corn Syrup and they only came in the 6-pack box. I ate the crust first then at the rest, savoring each bite, drawing out the pleasuring as long as I could because once those six Pop-Tarts were gone they were gone until the next time I saw an airplane. It was a long couple of years between chocolatey goodness.

Then I got a job in high school and started making my own money and I decided to buy my own breakfast occasionally. Pop-Tarts were still just as magical and they're just as magical even now that they're loaded with stuff made in the lab. But to me the flavor is layered in pleasure and still takes me back to those trips to see my grandparents. Sure, I rationalize that there are essential vitamins and iron --there used to me 9 and now there are only 7 - not sure what happened to the other 2?

I realize Pop-Tarts aren't like rainbows and unicorns but they help get me going some mornings. Maybe I need to grow up and find an adult breakfast alternative but until I turn 50 I'm sticking with Pop-Tarts!


March 21, 2011 at 10:52 AM Denise said...

Hi Stephanie! You, me and Paula Poundstone! I'm afraid my love affair predates yours and I've been very unfaithful since reaching the age of reason, however, they still hold a special place in my mind, heart and tastebuds. My flavor of choice was the unfrosted Cinnamon & Brown Sugar. The frosting was overkill for me. I don't even think they make them unfrosted anymore. If you ever see any, buy me a box and I'll gratefully and delightedly pay you back! As for your age limit, I'm already there and thinking that, like wearing purple, this might be the time to reclaim my Pop-Tarts!

Thanks for the lovely reminder of a simpler time and pleasure. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Denise Golinowski

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