Life in the City

It's been hot as all get out lately here in Richmond and we've lost power several times in the past weeks due to the vicious storms. In some areas of the country, and in the newer suburbs of Richmond, power lines are buried underground and are less susceptible to tree limbs and other storm damage. Sadly, that's not the case in my neighborhood. We have huge trees that the City is in the process of removing as they become dangerously ancient.

One good thing about living in our exact location is that are within walking distance to Carytown. We love the quirky, fun, and eclectic nature of the street and by luck it turns out that we share a power transformer with several dozen restaurants and business. Why is this such a big deal? Here's something that most people don't realize: the tax on prepared food in the City is 11%. I guarantee you that even if the businesses weren't concerned about the spoilage factor the City wants us out there eating and spending so they can get their cut.

So, Dominion Power - which has a location about 4 blocks from my house - usually has our power back up and running pretty quickly. Quickly is relative, of course. It usually means within 12 hours.

Is it fair? Maybe not. Do I like it? You betcha. Will I remember this next time I'm looking at real estate? Oh, Yeah!!

Have you found any unexpected benefits to the location of your house?


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