Do You Grade Your Trips to the Grocery?

I'm a bit competitive. Just a bit. I know this about myself enough that if I were to actually devote myself to something in the competitive realm I'd probably give myself a heartache going after the endeavor. Thankfully there's not enough time in the day to track everything that I'd like to.

But Kroger has this nifty line on the receipt called "Percent Saved". Have you noticed? Gosh, I love this. Of course, it takes into account anything that's marked down on the shelf, as well as, coupons you might have. My goal is to be at least 45%. The highest 'percent saved' I've had is 65%. I know of others who use The Grocery Game for whom 65% is the norm. I don't think they buy diapers!

Last night was not my finest 'Percent Saved' as I came in at 36% but I got some good deals. The large box of Huggies diapers were $8.50 off after all the great deals and my coupons, Kroger included a $5 off $25 in a recent mailing, and I had manufacturer's coupons that were all doubled. If I hadn't had $40 worth of diapers and training pants and $10 worth of wine I know that this would have been one of my 'best' grocery shops ever and definitely a Cool Idea to double check our plans every once in a while to make sure they still work for us.


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