Samples For Your Local Shelters

Yesterday we talked about how you can use your weekly shopping, coupons, and pantry tithing to help your local food pantry. Today let's look at through the bathroom and linen closet.

Do you have a stash of samples and freebies that regularly come in the mail? Or do you travel regularly and pick up hotel soap and shampoos? We get samples in the mail and sometimes I find real gems. Other times I request samples of personal items but it's not a brand I use. I put these in a bag that I keep at a ready then I give it to a friend who passes it along to our local women's shelter. I have samples of feminine protection, shampoo, lotion, etc.

In case your house is bulging at the seams with samples keep in mind that churches and shelters may need these items for their clients, too. Making connections with organizations in your community isn't difficult and it'll be a rewarding opportunity to pass along items that might otherwise go unneeded at your house yet make  huge difference in someone elses life. And isn't that the reason we want to step in and help.


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