The Avalanche of Freebies

If you've been signing up for the handful of freebies that float around each and every week I'm guessing that you're mailbox and your recycling bin are beginning to fill up, too. My under the sink bin are filling up, too, and I'm looking at pulling out some things that I know that I won't use. Why? Well, some things I'm particular about - like my choice of feminine products. I've been using the same brand of tampons since I was a teenager and I know enough about myself to know that I'm not going to switch. But I love the packs of freebies that come and they are going to make great donations to my local women's shelter. They will go into a bag with toiletry samples and the toothbrushes from the dentist that we don't use [we use an electric toothbrush].

Also, I've started to be miserly about snagging the free crayons we rarely use when leave restaurants. I'm going to bundle these up in baggies and send them to the shelter as well since many of the women come in with small children and new shiny crayons would be a nice treat in a sad situation.

And lastly, I made a bundle last week of the diaper samples that I'd received that were in sizes we couldn't use and these will also go to the shelter. Every little bit helps. If you recieve samples that you can't or won't use instead of allowing it to just take up room in your own house driving you nuts or taking space from things you might need to store, pass it on to someone who could use it now. This is particular helpful especially in these economic times. Non-profits are struggling for donations. Our neighbors are struggling, too. It's a Cool Idea to share what we can, when we can.


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