Organic Food Doesn't have to be Expensive

While I'll be the first to tell you that I'm a very poor gardener we'll be planting at least one tomato plant this year to help us keep up with Joy's love of tomatoes. Sure, we'll buy some through our CSA but I also want the girls to see how vegetables are actually grown. I want them to know that food doesn't magically appear at the store - or more accurately - on their plate at the table. People work to make that food. Rain comes from the sky. Or doesn't. Pest and weeds happen. 

Also, organic doesn't have to mean that your food was certified by a bunch of bureaucrats. "USDA Organic" does and that does add to the expense of much of the organic food out there. This is why many small, local farms have opted for different kinds of certification. In many cases, this certification is more stringent than USDA Organic and I'm fine with that. 

Here are some additional ways to make your own gardening less expensive and organic. Keep it simple. It's about making a small difference in our lives and not being wasteful. These are the things we need to keep in mind. 


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