Gift Cards are Coming In!

One of the ways I started to make a little money here and there is to do surveys and use MyPoints. Why? I needed another way to use the downtime that I have as a stay at home mom. There's time where I need to be with the kids but I can be on the computer while they color or play or entertain each other. I can get a 5, 10 or 20 minute survey done and get some points or even a few dollars credited to my account. I always make sure to do the ones with actual $$'s first and then the ones with points. Just this week I've reached the threshold with Valued Opinions to cash out for $20 Visa Debit Card and $10 from Opinion Outpost.

MyPoints is a points per click or purchase system. [check out their site because it's easier than I'll be able to explain] and I've been signed up since summer when I saw a post on Deal Seeking Mom, I think. I especially make sure to click through when I'm going to be making a purchase on eBay because there are always extra bonus points for buying on eBay. I've cashed out points for Barnes and Noble gift cards and Panera gift cards. I figure this will be a nice treat for myself or a good date night for us when the school year is over and we can get out together again.

So, if you have those odd moments in your day that are free or you don't mind 5-10 extra emails in your account every day give it a shot and let the points start adding up. Then you can use them for something great for yourself, add them to your household account or use them as a gift for someone else. Whatever you choose it's another Cool Idea out there to try!


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