Benefits of a Cold and Wet May

As I sit with a sinus headache due to incessant rain and increased seasonal mold count waiting for the Advil to kick in I'm trying really hard to come up with good reasons for this weather. Here's what I've come up with:
  • Great for the flowers and other plants that have just been put in. Personally I'm horrible with plants so I rely on Mother Nature to take care of them. If she's doing good work they they are likely to live a better life.
  • The Water Table will rise. Central Virginia is not a drought prone area but we have had some pretty dry summers lately and the only reason that we dodged full-on water restrictions was because we had excessively wet springtimes. Seriously. Last April [or May, I can't remember] was one of the wettest months on record and it got us through one of the driest summers on record.
  • Respite from achingly high temperatures and it becomes much easier to keep to our resolution to keep the air conditioner off until June. Sure, the ceiling fans are on but they are on in the wintertime, too. So, good for our power bill and the environment.
  • As the seasonal mold count increases and sinus headaches increase it's a good time to curl up under the quilt [because it's a bit cooler] and read a good book. I treated myself to a Nora Roberts reissue today which will go on my TBR stack. 
How ever you decide to 'enjoy' the rain be sure to take some time for yourself whenever you can since we're indoors more often. Do puzzles with the kids. Practice scissor skills or draw pictures of the flowers that are outside soaking up the rain while they can. Just remember, be careful on the roads, slow down and take a look at the beauty around you. It's just part of the cycle. We'll dry out eventually and then I'll be writing about that, too!


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