How Free is Free Speech?

This is something I've been mulling over for some time and I've decided to open up a conversation.

I believe in Free Speech for every man, woman, and child. This is one of the best things that our country is built on. Heck, at this point, it's practically what the internet is built on.

That said - I do not believe that corporations or other entities have the same rights that people do. Corporations have access to power and resources that you and I don't. They don't walk softly. They are larger than life. Corporations are not people. They don't get to vote. They don't get rights under the Constitution or the Amendments.

Surprisingly, 80% of Americans actually agree with one another about this and are in vehement opposition to the recent Supreme Court decision. Can you believe it? Eighty-percent of Republicans, Democrats, Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, men, and women - we all said it together.

The rights our Founders documented are reserved for people. For us. And if we let Corporations take over the rights we enjoy and let them run with them - well, it's our own darn fault when they start running the world in way in which we don't agree.

There is over a hundred years of precedence already. There's no reason to build anymore. It's time to pay attention to the ways in which this issue will be rectified. Personally, I don't want the next election cycle brought to me by Viagra, HFCS, or ADM. It's not NASCAR or a television sitcom. It's the American political process. Let's take is seriously.


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