Making Money in Your "Down" Time

I started doing surveys a year and a half ago when my oldest daughter was 3 and my youngest was 1 1/2. I found myself with lots of random bits of time that probably all added up to a full-time job - too much time to do nothing with. I enjoyed being home with my girls but I also needed to add income to our family as my husband's job was downsized.

I ran across a post on Deal Seeking Mom about surveys and signed up for a few and over the next few months I signed up for several more. As my children have grown and as I've found a rhythm in doing the surveys I created a system for myself.

I do the surveys when the girls are having their free play time and after they go to bed/ or nap. If they are watching a video then that's when I log in and get some surveys done because goodness knows I don't need to be totally focused on the 2,000th viewing of The Little Mermaid. If we are having constructive play, I put the computer aside and play with them but there are times we all need a break and that's when I check and see what surveys are available.

This system is working well for me. I cashout $30-50/ month or so. It took some time to get enough surveys going to get this kind of payout and I know I could do more, but at this point I don't have the time. It's a choice and a balance - to make money out of our 'down' time is a phenomenally Cool Idea!


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