I heart Carytown

We live in this truly great neighborhood in Richmond. It's a wonderful pedestrian shopping distict just a block from our house and on weekend afternoons or even after dinner we often stroll up and down Cary Street enjoying the sights and sounds.

Yesterday we had unseasonably warm temperatures and sunshine so we got out for a walk. The girls trooped around without the boots for the first time in weeks and we waved to shop keepers we know, dodged people enjoying the weather and doing their own shopping and walked through a couple of stores.

In one store the woman that works there said, "Don't you guys usually have those monkey back-packs?" We smiled and said we usually do but today we'd gotten out without them. See, it's nice to know that people recognize us and know that our kids go with us.

Walking further up the street a guy came out of the sushi restaurant to make balloon animals for the girl. No kidding. Right there on the sidewalk. It was clear we were just out for a walk but it was also clear that the girls were very appreciative. Comfort bounced up and down the entire time he worked on her butterfly and the ladybug he made for Joy was perfect, especially since he included a strap to go around her wrist. Genius.

On our walk home we stopped in the Goodwill/ Thrift Store and the woman at the counter says, "Well, if it isn't my two favorite girls." I find this kind considering what I heard about their behavior in the store the last time they were there but mostly I love that there are people in our neighborhood who enjoy our kids and who know them and who, in a pinch, would keep an eye out for them.

So, if you're in the area I highly suggest you come and visit Carytown. You will just love it. And if you have a similar area in your city I highly suggest you plan a visit. Local retailers need our help now more than ever. We want to do everything we can do keep these eclectic shopping areas robust. It's definitely a Cool Idea!


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