Cellfire Coupons for June - 6pm ET Today!!

There are new Cellfire coupons for June that you will definitely want to check out? Hop over to the righthand sidebar and load 'em up!!

In addition to the regular monthly coupons, Cellfire is treating us to some amazing deals in June. I'll have several special posts throughout the month so make sure to check back frequently but the one you'll want to watch for today is this:

At 6p ET today a very special coupon will be loaded onto the Cellfire site. It will offer $x off your next shopping trip at a Kroger family store.  How cool is that!!  Even better you don't have to keep track of it - just load it into your Cellfire account and it will be on your loyalty card the next time you check out. So easy.
There is a limited supply of these coupons and they will not be available before 6pm ET [or 3pm Pacific]. It's likely that they'll run out within the hour so plan ahead. Or keep your eyes on this site for more great news from Cellfire!!


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