The World Is Watching What?

The World Cup started this week. Did you notice? I've seen a couple of games and listened to a few others on the radio. Yes, I'm a product of the '70s when many acres of suburban land was mowed to create soccer fields - thank you very much.

The difference this year is that Comfort and Joy are watching along with me. They've watched soccer with me before but mostly as a way to entertain them. Now we're talking about how they can learn to play soccer, when they can sign up for soccer and how girls can play soccer, too.

This is one of those moments when we as parents are models for our children. They watch and learn from us. They listen and hear. This is why Title IX was important because a generation of girls grew up playing soccer and now we have kidlets of our own that we'll take out to suburban soccer fields and teach them the importance of team work and so many other things that they won't even understand until they're older and that is definitely a Cool Idea.


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