Judging Moms - One At A Time

You know, I haven't actually thought much about the pressure that moms, and women in general, find based on real and perceived pressure that is felt from other moms and women. I know it's there. Heck, we were all in middle school. I figure it's pretty much the same thing. The fact that I don't notice it doesn't mean that others don't or that it doesn't exist.

"Bad Mother", a post on Lucy March's blog delved into this. I'd venture to guess that there's something there that most every woman has felt at one point in time.

But it begs the question - what do you do instead of getting on the hamster wheel of things you feel you should do? Either for yourself or for your kids?

When I was on maternity leave this was the first time I'd not worked outside the home. I tried to do everything. After a day or two I came up with a new plan - One Thing A Day! Some days all I got done was brushing my teeth or cooking dinner. Some days we made a trip to Target for essentials. Most days we took a walk. Everyday we read.

Now that the kidlets are older it's harder to stick to the One Thing A Day rule because they move too fast sometimes. Looking ahead to the beginning of summer vacation it'll be a challenge to keep the girls busy but not overwhelmed. Our goal is still to be intential about what we do and not to get on the hamster wheel any earlier than we have to, if at all. Personally, I think this is definitely a Cool Idea!


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