Okay, You Can Say "I Told You So"

I've ranted about minivans before and on more than one occasion. Mostly because they seem to come in non-colors. Well, I now drive a minivan. Yeah, this is where you get to laugh. Or snort. Or both.

And just in case you're curious - it's red! The red isn't perfect but it is red.

Some of the background is that after 3 1/2 years with one car we finally needed two cars again. We've worked hard to make our lives work with only one car since Joy was born. We bought a scooter and dh rode it to work in all kinds of weather. The MPG was fantastic especially when the price of gas went into the stratosphere.

But then there are times when we both need to be places with a car. So, wouldn't any car work? Well, I've got the kidlets more often and the car we had actually hurt me a few times - the door closed on my knee a couple of weeks ago [as it occasionally does] and it's still tender. This, and the fact that it would be nice to be able to have grandma right along with us when she visits istead of following along behind us when we go someplace.

You'll read on some mommy blogs about their families incredible planning and saving and how they bought their car outright. You won't read that here. I will say that these past few years of being intentionally frugal and accountable did really GREAT things to our credit rating and we were able to be one of those specially qualified buyers. So, even if you're not hitting the stars yet it does sho that working toward them is helpful in the short-run and defiitely a Cool Idea!


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