Celebrate with Abe and George

Today is Presidents Day in the US and here are a few ways to enjoy the day -

First, enjoy a nice deal from restaurant.com - use the discount code PREZ until February 19, 2009 and get a $25 certificate for $3.

Second, Kids off the Couch has some wonderful ideas for how to have fun with your kids and learn about Abraham Lincoln. There are links to the Gettysburg Address, Fords Theatre, movies and books and podcasts. There are so many great ideas that it'll take more than just one day to do them all. 

Third, it may be too late in the day to take full advantage of this but keep it in mind for next year  if you are in the Metro DC area -- Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington, has free admission on President's Day. You probably need to plan to go early to avoid the crowds but it's definitely a Cool way to celebrate the day.

The Newseum online site has a great online exhibit about Abraham Lincoln. Check it out!! You won't be disappointed. Happy President's Day.


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