Valentine's Date Night out at 60% off - Grab it Now!! is offering 60% off for the Valentine's Day Holiday - offer ends 2.15.2009. That means that a $25 certificate will only cost you $4! And to make this an extra-Cool Idea if you meet their terms and conditions you can also get a FREE $15 FTD gift with your order. Now wouldn't that be fantastic.

Use discount code TREAT and hit 'APPLY'. Now you are the recipient of a much less expensive night out for you and your Valentine. 

The benefit here isn't just for you and your Valentine. Although, it's hard to pass up a deal like this! But one aspect of the downturn in our economy which I'm sure a lot of us are well aware of is that people are eating out less. We're saving money by staying home. Whether we're doing this because we've already lost jobs or in anticipation of job loss or just 'because' - it has already had an effect on the restaurant industry.

NPR had a piece last week about how with each layoff that the government counts there's another layoff in the service sector that isn't counted. This is because we don't go out to eat, or go shopping, or grab a cup of coffee, etc., like we used to when we had extra bucks in our pocket. I've worked in the restaurant industry and it was my only means of support at the time so I am a kind and gentle person to have at your table. Perhaps that one of the reasons that I like the idea of using the certificates - I get a good deal and I help out a restaurant and the server. It's a win - win - win situation. And in my book that's the essence of a very Cool Idea!


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