Mystery Shopping update

I had a huge week with Mystery Shopping! Some of it was scheduled and one was picked up at the last minute. Woohoo!! Here are some things I need to remember:

  1. Keep better track of the parameters of the 'shop'. I misjudged the timing for one of them and it'll cost me part of the reimbursement.
  2. Checking some of the sites on a regular, even daily basis, can be beneficial. I got a backup 'shop' opportunity that came open at the last minute and was able to get free groceries. It pays to be available.
  3. I'm still learning and maybe four 'shops' in one week wasn't my best idea. It made for a lot of paperwork on top of everything else. I know I'll be extra careful next time, though!! 
Never doubt that Mystery Shopping is fun, but it is work and there are lots of details to keep in mind. If you can't keep up with the details it's not the job for you. If you can Mystery Shopping is definitely a very Cool Idea!


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