Things to Sign Up For

Common Sense With Money has a great post about great deals that restaurants are offering now. Everything from Wendy's to The Melting Post to Texas Roadhouse to Dairy Queen. Be sure to check out her site and sign up for what you want. 

Remember, it doesn't just help us out. It helps out the servers and other people that make their livelihoods working in the restaurant industry. Times are tough and no one is say to make it your mission to eat out around the clock but by using the free options out there when you do eat out or by making them Adventures with your kids every little bit helps.

Also,  if you like to read romance and women's fiction, consider signing up for Writerspace e-newsletter. Not only will you get new information about authors new releases but you can enter contests for - you got it - FREE BOOKS. Now, isn't that a Very Cool Idea!


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