Don't miss out on new Coupons

It's the beginning of the month and is restocked. You can print them out at their site or using the widget on the right hand side of the page. Check 'em out and print out the ones you'll need before they're gone. There are some great ones for Betty Crocker, Big G Cereals, Pillsbury and Yoplait. Also, there's $1 off Velveeta and $.50 off Wacky Mac - sounds like a nice and yummy mac and cheese [product] to me!

But the really great one - I think - is the $.50 off coupon for Cottonelle toilet paper. Yeah, I know. I didn't used to get that excited about coupons or toilet paper:) But my Kroger carries the Cottonelle 4-pack for $.99 and doubles coupons up to $1. I've explained I'm not a math whiz but I've seen this done and experience it real life and this makes the toilet paper FREE!! That's just too good to pass up. I mean, here is something you flush down the toilet and now I don't even have to pay for it! Fan-TASTIC! Just so you know, you can only print that one twice.

Tara, at Deal Seeking Mom, has a link that you can print additional coupons off the Cottonelle website. I've tried it a couple of times. Once this week and once a week or so ago. It's never worked for me. Give it a try if you've got the time and let me know if you have success.

Using the Cottonelle coupons, as well as, coupons in general has begun to shift my focus from purchasing all of my non-perishable and bulk needs at Costco. I'm keeping an [unofficial] eye on the budget to see if we spend more than we did before. No chance to give up the weekly trip to Costco all together since they still have the best deal on organic milk anywhere but I think we'll find that by blending our normal bulk purchases into the regular shopping I'll be spending the same amount of money at the grocery but getting our 'bulk' purchases in there as well. Either way free toilet paper is such a Cool Idea is definitely bears repeating!! Print 'em out before they're gone.


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