Another benefit of the stockpile

We have a ton of snow on the ground. More than this part of Virginia has seen in over a decade and I can tell you that I didn't have to rush out to the grocery with everyone else on the planet.

Why? Because my freezers were full and I've been stockpiling.

Even though I haven't done a weekly grocery trip for anything other than perishables and baking items in almost a month we still have plenty in the pantry to get us through. I hope. Stay tuned an see how it goes.

This assumes that we keep power, too. If we don't then it won't matter how much I have in the freezer or stockpiled because I can't cook it anyway:) But mostly I know that we have enough food even if it doesn't all go together to make perfectly beautiful meals. Oh and we have toilet paper and diapers and milk and, I can bake bread, and all those other things that people run to the store for.

But still I'd like the snow to stop falling now. It's beautiful but we don't need anymore right now. Everything in moderation is a Cool Idea!


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