My Good Deal at CVS

It's been a while since I've CVS'd and this week I made a good deal. Here's what I did.

I had a $5 in Extra Bucks and knew that we were out of Advil. Now, I'm not fussy about the brand of my Advil. I'll pop any brand of pain reliever in my mouth as long as it works. The CVS brand of ibuprofen looked good to me and the 100 count box was B1G1 for $5.99 - this is good at my CVS until 12/19. Just in case you need help making sure you buy them in a set - they even have them wrapped together - you know, for the holidays.

But I also got another nice deal. My contact solution, which is normally $9.99, gave me $9.99 in Extra Bucks. So, essentially it was free. Of course, this just gets me to go back to CVS but it's next to my Kroger and I haven't done weekly grocery shopping in a couple of weeks so odds are that I'll be there soon.

So, there we are. I got 200 tablets of ibuprofen for almost free using the Extra Bucks that I walked in the store with and I got my contact lens solution for free using the Extra Bucks I walked out of the store with. All in all it was definitely a Cool Idea to run to CVS today!


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