Back to Real Life

Not that November and NaNo wasn't real life for me but now I need to actually make sure that all the rest of the pieces of our lives are picked up, too. So, I've begun to notice things around me a bit better.

Like the fact that it's the beginning of the month and the coupons have reset. Did you catch that, too:) Yep, the and cellfire coupons are available and there are some great deals. Personally I'm grabbing more pie crusts and the diapers. Once a Month Mom has some great pie and cinnamon roll recipes with the pie crust and the diapers are self-explanatory.

Also, I'm off to Old Navy today to buy Comfort some long-sleeved shirts. Apparently while I was writing 70K words it turned cold here in Virginia and she only has long-sleeved shirts from last year and they are getting a bit tight. I noticed yesterday that Deal Seeking Mom had some great tips for shopping at Old Navy. Don't forget to head on over there and learn what you can.

And to add a bit of fun to your life, head over to Tia's Saving Cents and learn how you can download a copy of the UP soundtrack. Our whole family loved that movie and you can bet that Comfort and Joy are getting that on DVD for Christmas.


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