My New "Mom" Shoes

I have shoe issues. First of all I require that they fit. I know. Picky, picky.

Next, I require that they be comfortable. Thirdly, I'd like them to be classic or cute. Sometimes I score shoes that are both, but that's rare and mostly those are summer shoes.

My winter shoes - and I use the term loosely - have been old sneakers or Crocs that I wear with thick socks, but this winter has started out like a bear and my feet are already cold. Sneakers that 'breathe' are not your friend when it's 30-40 degrees and the wind is whiping through the trees. Neither are my Crocs. Cute as they are, they are not keeping my feet warm even inside the house.

So, I went shoe shopping. This is not easy. Not as hard as it is for my friend Hope, I'll link back to our cross-post about summer shoe shopping later, but winter shoe shopping is a different kettle of fish for me. Why? Because socks are involved. And the toes of the shoes are enclosed.

This makes a huge difference in how shoes fit for me. I have wide toes. Not wide feet but I like to spread my toes out so I need a wide toe box and this cuts out most shoes made for women unless you buy the 'comfort' varieties. Or my beloved Birks. Yep, I have a bunch of those, too.

I also need good support because I had foot surgery almost a decade ago and I don't wish to go through that again. So, now my requirements are growing - the shoe needs to fit, be comfortable, have a wide toe box, and provide good support - preferably with some squishy-ness under the 'palm' of the foot.

Yes, I am a high maintanenace shoe shopper. I won't just buy any old shoe because I saw it on televison and it looked cute on so-and-so's foot. It has to work on my foot. Thankfully, I've found a shoe that works on my foot and learned something that tons of people in the world already knew.

Dansko Women's Professional Pro Cabrio Leather Clog is one of the most comfortable shoes ever made. Yep, I've joined the ranks of suburban moms and professional chefs and nurses and bought a pair. I fully expect them to last the rest of my life and keep my feet warm and hopefully I won't hurt myself as I learn to wear something taller than a sneaker again because, holy shmokies - these are a Cool Idea!


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