Fantastic Richmond Diaper Deal

It's a great truism that when Ukrop's has a great deal it's a GREAT deal. And today I found a great deal on diapers. Sadly, it wasn't for Huggies which is our brand of choice. It was for Top Care Brand Diapers - all sizes were $4.99 with your UVC card.

Now, I know some people find that all brands are the same and I applaud you. It's not like that for us. We've learned the hard way that Huggies must be worn at night time. Other brands can be worn during the day time or nap time [if that ever happens again] but night time - not so much. At any rate, I grabbed a pack and we're set for the next 23 nap times! We'll save ourselves some cash which is always nice and hopefully, soon, Joy will decide it's time to move full time to big girl pants. And that will be the Coolest Idea of All Time!


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