More March Coupons

The bar has reset and there are some interesting new coupons in addition to the ones we usually find. Scroll through the cereal and yogurt coupons that you usually print out and you'll find a coupon for Gold Medal Flour. Yep. Pretty Cool, too, since people have reported seeing Gold Medal on clearance at CVS in their area. Bundle that up with the coupon and you have some nice, inexpensive flour for baking up bread, cookies, or muffins.

Also, don't forget to load your Upromise e-coupons to your loyalty cards. Sign into your Upromise account and do it before you forget. If you don't have an Upromise account you can click on the bright blue button down the page to sign up. It's super easy and you earn money toward future college savings for anyone you want. That is definitely a Cool Idea!


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