Flower Power: Help Kids and Get a Great Garden

I saw crocuses in someone's lawn today so I know spring is coming soon so that mean's it's time to think about the garden. Even living in the city we try to plant someting every year so that the kidlets can see it grow. Last year we had cherry tomatoes on the back porch which fed Joy all summer long. I also have a beautiful lavender plant by the front door that the girls pick from as we walk by.

One thing I love to do is double up my blessings. This year I'm building my garden and helping an organization with which I work. SynerGeo does afterschool art programs for city kids. It's a non-profit organization and in this time of economic stress fundraising is a challenge. That's why I've ordered my new plantings from Flower Power.

This is a great fundraiser for SynerGeo because Flower Power will mail the plants directly to you at the appropriate time for planting. Also, plants are guaranteed. If you have any trouble you just give them a call and they will send you a new one or credit your account.

This is entirely online this year so you don't have to worry about contacting me or being near Richmond. The link takes you to our online store and each item will let you know the details about each plant.

So hop on over to Flower Power and check out the beautiful plants. If there's something you were going to buy for your yard anyway why don't you get it here. It'll help a kid have afterschool programs that they wouldn't otherwise get and personally I think that's a Cool Idea. Thank You.


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