Scheduled Maintenance

Not blog maintenance. Car maintenance. I'm not sure anyone would notice if the blog went away. Well, someone might. [Hi, mom!] But the car is very necessary as it's our only vehicle.

So, I was at the car dealer for the scheduled mainenance. I had intended to write my post in the waiting room because they have wifi but I got side-tracked.

First I got side-tracked looking for a power outlet. Last time I was there the place was lousy with outlets. Not anymore. Apparently they want you to be online but not using their power. That works great unless you're there more then 2 hours or you have a netbook. I have a netbook. And I was there for two hours.

Then I got side-tracked watching morning television. I never watch TV in the mornings. EVER. When I get back from taking Comfort and Joy to school I get on the computer and start working. I did have my computer on and started going through my inbox but I was distracted by Kelly and Mark [Regis had the day off] and the recap of the Oscars.

It turns out that morning television keeps on going. Who knew? I also didn't know that Kathie Lee is back on TV. I promise not to go on and on about the questionable color of her hair these days. You know, sometimes we should look more our age. I'm forty and she's older than me, you know. This color can best be called "Nice Try". Well, Kathie Lee and Hoda recapped the Oscars - again.

On the way out the service technician mentioned that my car was parked around the corner but that I couldn't miss it. I knew what he meant. It's because our car is bright RED. I let him know that if he had the ear of anyone at Honda that I wouldn't be buying a family-sized vehicle unless it was RED - not maroon, not pumpkin, not sienna, not 'nice try'- but RED!! Yeah, I like colors that aren't putty and beige

So, back to the Oscars how many red dresses did you see? I don't remember any. None that are on my "wow" list anyway. All the "wow" dresses I recall were pastels or jewel tones. In fact, they might actually have been the color of minivans!


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