Free Magazine Subscriptions

One thing I've learned in the last six months is that I don't have to pay for a magazine again. Really. 

Free subscription to Woman's Day
Free subscription to Self
Free subscription to Forbes

Now, let me ask - what are you going to do with your new subscriptions when you're done reading them? You'll probably find some good recipes or pictures, tear them out and add them to a file in the kitchen. That's okay. Will the magazine then head straight to the recycle bin? Not bad. Better might be to share the subscription with a friend and give it an additional life span before it hit the big compost heap in the sky. Perhaps your church or community center or local retirement home would like recent issues of appropriate titles. It would be a Cool Idea to give them a more life beyond just ourselves. If it can be an art project for the kids. Great. If it can be additional reading for a friend, or an elderly neighbor, or even someone you don't know - fantastic. Anything that makes it worth the resources to create the paper, do the printing, mail out the copies - well, you get the point. It's not just about the monetary expense of the subscription. Resources are being used and we should use them fully and wear them out whenever possible. Being responsible is a very Cool Idea.


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