How to Save Money on Diapers

Is this not the answer to your dreams? Mostly after a few months or a year Moms start dreaming of the days of their child being potty trained. Then they start potty training and think diapers aren't such a bad thing or they wonder if there's a Potty Training Boot Camp. Or maybe a reality show "We Do It for Stickers" or something like that. 

Until then, diaper companies try to help us along by making it less painful for our wallets. Pampers has a 'points' program that I've seen mentioned and Huggies and Pullups are part of The Caregivers Marketplace.

The Caregivers Marketplace is a cash back program for anyone who "gives, gets or needs care". It appears that the manufacturers of the products provide the rebate for the items and Caregivers Marketplace gives it out.  There is no limit to the number of cash-back checks you can request so if you wanted you could send in a request every time you shop. Or you could be a slacker like me and be combing your receipt stashes and doing one really big 2008 request. 

Enrollment can be done online or by mail. Just print out the .pdf form and mail it in with your receipts and the check comes back 4-6 weeks later. Voila.

Don't forget that this can be layered with other coupons and deals out there. This week CVS has a great deal on Huggies [see Tara's post at Deal Seeking Mom]. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm not a math genius so I won't try to dazzle you with my skills but I do know that once you layer the good deal on top of the Extra Bucks on top of the cash back from Caregivers Marketplace for something you were going to have to buy anyway - well, it just makes sense to do the little bit of work and get the rebate.


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