My First Real Grocery Game Success

I have already confessed that I've been playing The Grocery Game for a year now but that I've never really done it right. Finally, the planets have converged and I had an amazing week. I know others have gotten to this point faster but - Many Roads Lead to Oz - and I'm proud of my success. 

First, I finally sat down and clipped the coupons from the past month's worth of newspapers. This took hours. Thankfully "House" is wonderfully distracting.  Second, The Grocery Game is just fantastic. I can't say more. Well, yes, I can. See my earlier post and don't forget that if you sign up, I'd appreciate it if you used me as a referral [sgurnsey at yahoo dot com - thnx.]  Third, I shopped at Kroger today which was running a Mega Deal-thingy so there were amazing deals to be found.

The best part is that I think I have a good mix of things to eat and things to stockpile. I won't need hairspray or conditioner for-EVER. Dove conditioner was 2/$7 and I had a $1.50 off coupon - which brought my bottle of conditioner down to $2. Not bad. It wasn't on The Grocery Game so I may still come up in the rotation later but I have another coupon saved up.

The bill rang up at $88+ before coupons. I had $20 in coupons, another $5 came off because I bought 10 items in the Mega Deal-thingy [six of which I had coupons for] and my receipt says my total savings was $40.82! This includes buying two packages of diapers and a pot roast for nearly $10! I'll also get a bit more off for the diapers because I had an e-coupon from Upromise on my Kroger card [I'll talk about this next post] and I'll be turning this receipt in to Caregivers Marketplace [yet another post will be about this -suffice it to say that if you use Huggies brands, keep your receipts until I post!]

So, the Cool Idea here? Perseverance. I used The Grocery Game in different ways over the past year and it always helped me cut down my grocery costs even if it wasn't as successful as it was today.


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