Happy New Year!

January 1st is traditionally the day to make resolutions. What are your resolutions this year? Have you made your list yet? Lose weight? Exercise more? At all? Read more? Write letters - on paper - with a pen? I've tried these and they usually work for me - for a while:) This year I'm going to work on activities that are Cool Ideas that I can revisit through the year. Here it goes.
  1. Do a better job with coupons and pantry stockpiling. 
  2. Continue to find creative ways to cut expenses
  3. Meal planning/ smart planning
  4. Increase my income as a stay-at-home parent
  5. Find ways to live smarter in the balance between frugality and the environment
  6. [not sure yet but I feel like there's something still there to be explored - so I'm leaving room for one more]
So, these are the main areas I'll be working on for myself. I can only hope that the ride will be useful and without too many hazards. There will probably be humor involved. Odds are this could get ridiculous at times. If so, you have my word you'll get all the details.

Sound interesting? I hope so. If not, stick around anyway because these topics won't be the only things you'll see here. Already the coupons are posted. Also, I'll be posting information about great freebies that I hear about, as well as, wonderful deals and information posted on other blogs. I'll do a quick recap and send you to their sites for the full info. No sense in killing bandwidth twice but there is some great stuff out there and I just want to make sure people can find what they want and need.

I hope to find some Cool Ideas we can explore and some Cool Ideas we can share because this is a journey we're on - and we're on it together.


January 2, 2009 at 5:29 PM Treethyme said...

"Lose weight? Exercise more? At all? Read more? Write letters - on paper - with a pen?"

How about all of the above? I'm not great with resolutions, since these seem to be on my list every year. I have made some progress in each of those categories, so maybe it has some impact, after all.

Good luck with your blog -- it's a cool idea! :)

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