Organization is the Key

It appears to me that the only way I'm going to make any head way toward my resolutions for the year is to get organized. As a Myers-Briggs "J" organization comes naturally to me but the past four years of being pregnant/giving birth twice/ nursing 2 kids/ having 2 toddlers back to back has had a debilitating effect on these skills.

To begin the new year I got out the calendars and set them up. The one for the kitchen is actually a desk blotter that I'm hanging on the wall. I wanted something big enough to give me room to write in each of the days if all four of us have something scheduled - as we sometimes do. The calendar for my bag is a month a day calendar over two pages so the blocks are large enough to write in, too. Each calendar cost me $1 in the bins at the front of the store at Target. They aren't as cute as the Mom Planners that I've bought for myself the past couple of years but I've already saved at least $15.

I also need a better system for my coupons. Actually, I think I just need a system. I'm going to try using a file box and see how that works. This way I can keep the inserts from the newspaper intact until I'm ready to use them. For coupons that I've already cut out or for CVS Extra Bucks I have a coupon caddy [$1 at Target] that I carry in my bag. It needs a system, too, but that's for another day.

For a look at another blogger's post on her coupon system check out: Tia's Saving Cents

As for meal planning I made a stab at collecting ideas for this next week and making a preliminary grocery list. This got pushed back because I was down with the stomach ick but we'll get back on track soon. This week, we'll be looking at 'old standby' meals since I want to use as much food as I can out of my pantry so that I can work at my plan for the following week. I'll be using our list of 'family favorites' along with The Grocery Game to make my shopping list each week. [More on The Grocery Game next post.]

And the Cool Idea for today is using the after New Year sales. Check out the office supply stores for deals on items to get organized. I didn't score as much as I'd hoped since a lot of people beat me to them but a couple of buckets of binder clips for $1/ each and a pack of Sharpie markers for $1 were a nice find. While I was there I went next door and stocked up on presents at Bath and Body Works. I have a bag probably as heavy as my two year old - most of which was 75% off, some at only 50% off - all of it will make great gifts through the year.


January 5, 2009 at 3:47 PM Tia said...

Thanks for the link up Stephanie! I edited your comment to add a link to your post. I love your frugal calendar ideas! I set up my purse calendar today!

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