I promised you Upromise

And here it is. If you have kids of any age I hope you already have an account set up. If not, put down the scissors or other sharp items and run - do not walk - to the site and sign up. Then use the Upromise tool to link your relatives to your account as well. This is the best, easiest, free money out there for you to save for college expenses. It's a slow and steady way to save but it'll be there, all the time, and that the way saving should be.

For those you that are just out of college or grad school yourselves and aren't thinking about kids yet. Upromise may still be useful for you. If you have student loans check to see if your servicer will allow you to pay from Upromise. Mine did but I didn't realize it in time to take the best advantage of it. You have to build up to $50 in your account before you can transfer it to a loan and this can take some time even with help from others linked into your account. I was able to make one transfer to my loan before I paid it off. I might have been able to do more if I'd known that using Upromise retroactively was an option but one payment of Free Money was better than none. 

And there are so many Cool ways to save!! You can save by shopping online through the Upromise site, like my mom does. You can eat at restaurants that give you money back through the Rewards Network, which we found by accident. You can take advantage of the new eCoupons and save money while you shop at your favorite grocery or drug store - and instead of the money coming off your total it will go into your Upromise account. You just load these coupons on each month - much like you do for Shortcuts - and you're ready. Have I mentioned yet that there is almost always a diaper coupon each month. Yeah, another reason to use the eCoupons.  Cool, Huh!!
And if you are new to Upromise there are promotional codes that you can use to add money automatically into your account. First, try 5Tylenol. If that doesn't work try 3Glass. This will deposit either $5 or $3, respectively, directly into your account to kick things off. [Thanks to Carrie at MoneySavingMethods for posting this information.  Then register your grocery loyalty cards, your drugstore cards, your credit/ debit cards, etc. You will find that you'll save money in ways you didn't even know. Before you know it you'll start noticing news ways which you can save using Upromise. It's such a Cool Idea and one which I'm learning to use more and more. Go on, get started - or if you already have a Upromise account go check out your earnings and see if there's anything new on the site that you haven't taken advantage of yet, like the eCoupons. They are a Very Cool Idea!


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