Arbor Day: Read a Book - Save a Tree

I'm not being an oxymoron here. It can be done. I used to read the Harlequin daily reads when I was at work. They are short and not hard to read online. Of course, if you have a Kindle or other e-reader then you are well on your way to saving the trees from your books. Most, if not all, of the major publishers, and most of the minor ones, now have their catalog accessible electronically. In fact, they'd probably prefer us to move this way since it's less of a drain on their resources especially in these difficult economic times.

If you haven't read a book electronically you can find publishers that will give you books to try out in this format. Or download free ebooks from Harlequin in recognition of their 60th year and see how you like the format. Here are some more tips for finding ebooks for free

If you decide to make the move to ebooks you may be in for a pleasant surprise in your wallet. While some books are comparably priced, other e-publishers may have titles for as low as free - $1.50 for a full length novel. Use Swagbucks to take a look around and see what you find. 

Have I convinced you yet? Maybe? Personally, I'm still getting there myself. I can do audio books but I still read a lot of traditional, tree-based books. I need to make the move to ebooks and I hope to do that this year. I know it's a good idea and I know it's a Cool Idea. I just need to DO IT!!


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