The Color of Springtime in Virginia

My sophomore year in college I learned one thing. Well, quite possibly I learned other things but I learned one very important thing - most airborne allergies in the contiguous United States converge in Central Virginia. So, if you are going to be allergic to it - you will be allergic to it HERE. Good to know!!

That year I had horrible issues with my sinuses. Before that I didn't even know where my sinuses were located. I went into student health and picked up packets and packets of whatever they would give me. I saw the yellow and green pollen floating on the lake as I walked to class and laughed when the dogs came out of the water looking that same color.

Life and allergies can be more complicated when you have kids. That is, unless you have Children's Claritin. Claritin provides products for kids ages 2+ in liquid, chewables, and reditabs. All of the products provide 24-hour relief of itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezing without drowsiness or making your kids jittery. The products are sugar, alcohol and dye-free and make it more fun to be outside when the world is in bloom even though the porch is dusted in yellow.

So, if your kids have issues with allergies checkout Children's Claritin. We've had a much easier spring season and friends that have switched to Claritin report good results as well. And don't miss the coupon on their website. Every little bit helps!!


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