National Library Week

I didn't even have to check my calendar to see that this week was National Library Week. My best friend is a librarian and I knew from her wreck of a schedule that this was a crazy and important week for her. If you are going to be at your library this week - and I hope you will be - be sure to thank your librarians. They do us all a wonderful service and put up with screaming kids, people asking for the key to the bathroom, and [if you work at an academic library] inane questions like "where are the books". 

I'd also like to create a bridge from the previous topic of the Nora Roberts' movies to the topic of the local library. If, perhaps, you caught the movies on Lifetime but have not had the opportunity to read the books this would be a really great time to, literally, check them out. I guarantee that you will find Nora's books in your library although there might be a wait list. These four are relatively new so they should be in good shape and there are probably multiple copies in circulation. Take advantage of your tax dollars at work. 

Also, authors are proud to have their work in our libraries. They are happy when librarians order their books. It's good for their royalty statements and builds their readership. They know that if you like their book you are likely to pick up another one and another one and another one and that some day you are likely to pay money for it. And even if you don't. They don't mind. They enjoy knowing that someone really, truly appreciated their book.

So. Libraries and Librarians. Go visit this week and make sure you take a smile. Pay your fines if you have any, like I do. Pick up a book that you might not have tried otherwise. Expand your horizons. Knowledge is Power and Libraries are definitely a Cool Idea!


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