Eat Cheap (or Free)

Mystery Shopping is a great way to be able to eat cheap or free with a little preparation on your part and some work on the back end it can be fun and a great way to get out and enjoy a night out with your family and friends without feeling the pinch in your wallet. 

I didn't do as well last month picking up Mystery Shopping jobs so this month I'm going to work harder. Where do you find mystery shopping jobs? I'm going to post some here this week and I'll point you to some other bloggers in different areas of the country that post their mystery shopping success. 

A lot of the companies have regional clients so Your Mileage May Vary. My first suggestion is to either decide that you're going to use your own email account or get a new (free) email account just for your mystery shopping jobs and make sure you are going to check it regularly. That means every day if you are going to be serious about picking up shops. I started slow and used my own private email to begin so I stuck with that and it works fine for me. Other's, like Carrie at Money Saving Methods uses a different email for each of her projects.

Here are a few sites to start with:
In my area Game Film does a steak restaurant chain. I picked up a shop from ICC for a wine warehouse and BARE does restaurants and banks. Mystery Shopping has been an extremely Cool Idea for me. It has allowed me to add to our income, cut expenses if we eat out on someone else's dime, and has a flexibility that allows sometimes allows me to include my family. Please make sure that you read the guidelines for each shop as some don't allow other people with you, but on the whole most restaurant shops want you to look like the typical diner. So, give it a start and see how it goes and I'd love to hear what you think.


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