Libraries are Fun!

Really they are!! As National Library Week comes to an end I'm going to put in a serious plug for using the library. There are many, many benefits and here are just a few.

I love books. My husband and I both do. When we were first married we were spending more on books than groceries. It didn’t take too many months for the money to run out though and for us – or rather me – to re-learn about the wonderful properties of the public library. Libraries are Cool Ideas!

Save money and go use your local library. Ours has books, videos, DVDs, kids/ educational DVDs, and educational kits that can be checked out. Plus there's story time, cultural events, summer reading programs - well, the list goes on and on.

If you live near a college or university check to see if their library offers a special borrower card. This can be very useful if you enjoy audiobooks since they usually buy unabridged and non-fiction titles.

Another great feature is that many libraries are putting their catalog online. This makes it just as easy to ‘shop’ your public library as it does to Amazon. It’s a Cool Idea to bookmark the catalog, just put it next to Amazon on your bookmark bar and check it out before you click to buy.

Okay, I know what you're saying - there's an Amazon widget here on the page! Yep, because not all the books I want are in my local library, sad to say. Which means I use my gift cards from Swagbucks to go to Amazon and buy the books I need for book club. But, I do have my local library's catalog on my menu bar and I check there first for any book that I want. It's instinct now and it automatically pulls the book from wherever it is in the city and sends it to my local branch for pickup. Definitely a Cool Idea.

So, to wrap up. Libraries. Use them. They are your tax dollars at work and if you use it they will buy more of what you like. That's the way it works. Get to know your librarians. Be nice to them. Wait in line with a smile. Bring your kids and clean up after them. Meltdowns happen occasionally and librarians are aware of that. Don't use your cell phone in the library. Be nice to the books. And remember to use your indoor voice:)


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