Cleaning Tips redux

Okay, I don't usually clean this much all at once but spring has come to Virginia and I have book club at my house next Monday so it's time to get tidy. Today I was in the bathroom and noticed that thanks to the Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner I still don't have to do any major shower cleaning except to the floor of the shower. 

I'd forgotten to get a Magic Eraser as my commenter suggested but I thought about what the problem is - it's the texture of the shower floor. I needed something to get in and around the ridgelets. So, I went down to the kitchen to get a dish scrubber that we'd picked up at IKEA forever ago and never used, squirted some cleaning goo in the shower and went at it. 

It was clear pretty quickly that this was working and working well. In fact, I think I heard angels singing:) In just a couple of minutes it looked like new. Lesson learned here - most problems that are in our home can be solved with something found in our home. Just take moment, take a look around, look at it inside out or whatever it takes. But unless you've found something highly specialized or you don't have any extraneous stuff in your house (in which I envy you) try to recycle what you have for another purpose. It's Cool to find a new life for stuff lying around the house.


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