Cleaning Tips

Okay, stop laughing. Those who know me are not used to the words, "Hey, guess what I figured out how to clean today?" coming out of my mouth but I'm excited and figure I should share since I'm not like to be the only one in this position at some point. 

We had to do some renovation last year and it included put up drywall. Groan. If you've ever done this you know what I'm about to say. Drywall dust gets everywhere. I've dusted since the renovation but it still manages to be in new places. 

Today I took down the curtains to wash them and, of course, found more drywall dust. Then when I walked through the room I saw it in it's unshaded glory and realized that the walls needed to be dusted. Our ceilings are tall. Really, really tall. How was I going to get up to the tippy top corners without hurting myself?

Gosh I love problem solving like this. I really do. I pulled out one of my new microfiber towels and my Swiffer pole. I tucked the towel in where the Swiffer cleaner would usually go and voila, I had the perfect tool for dusting my walls. I was able to reach all the way up to the corners, I was able to move around pictures, I was able to easily change direction and even move directly to clean the paddles on the ceiling fan. Just amazing. In fact, I'll go so far as to say this might be my coolest discovery in recent days. So, if you have to be cleaning in the near future and you find you have to dust your walls - don't despair. Grab the Swiffer pole and a thin towel. It works great and is definitely a Cool Idea!


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