If It's Tuesday - It must be Cow Chicken!

"What?" That doesn't make sense to you? Well, in our house 'Cow Chicken' is what Comfort calls  Chick-Fil-A and on Tuesdays kids eat free with the purchase of a combo meal. It's been several months since we've been out to Cow Chicken and the Girls are longing for an Adventure. They love the play yard - which is in great shape and perfectly toddler sized. 

Also, did you see on Yahoo! today that Chick-Fil-A was listed as one of the healthiest fast food restaurants to eat at? Yep, there are many items that aren't fried. Lots of tasty salads. Kids get books in the meal - not toys! And can I tell you how much I love the bendy straws!?!?!?! It makes my life so much happier and just makes me smile.

Sure, prices are bit higher and there's no $1 menu but the food is better and we actually spend about the same for the four of us if we take advantage of Kids Eat Free night. Also, our favorite location puts out games, helps parents carry trays to the table - oh, and did I mention that there are real flowers on those tables? Yep, this is not your regular fast food restaurant. This is a place that wants to help you feel at home. They want you come back and not just because you can get a free refill or trade in your book for ice cream if you want.

So, if you need a break tonight, or if you are a loss in your meal plan check out Chick-Fil-A. It's a great place even if it's not Kids Eat Free night. If it is, it's definitely a very Cool Idea!


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