Spring Landscaping Helps Inner City Kids

Are you ready to spruce up the outside of your house? Maybe not quite yet if you just got hit with 6-10 inches of snow like we did but it is the time of year to be thinking about it.  Spring Hill Nurseries and Breck's have amazing products and the organization I work with that provide after school art and mentoring programs to inner city children is working with Spring Hill/ Breck's to raise funds. Fundraising with Flowers is a great program that not only provides wonderful plants delivered directly to the purchaser at the correct time for planting no matter where in the country you are located but the plants are also 100% guaranteed. If you aren't satisfied Spring Hill will give you a credit or refund.

These are the same plants that you would order directly from Spring Hill but if you order them through our site we'll be able to purchase additional art supplies for our camp this summer and finish the pottery studio. Orders and credit cards can be taken online. If you have any questions you can leave a comment here or contact me by email because I happen to think helping others is a very Cool Idea. Thank You.


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