National Cleaning Week!

Really. It is. I don't make this stuff up but I was going to post about cleaning my refrigerator even before I knew it was National Cleaning Week. I cleaned my freezer Friday night as I was beginning my Once A Month Cooking. Then yesterday I decided I'd clean one shelf of the fridge each day this week, but I got carried away and cleaned them all.

Which brings me to a thought provoking question... how many bottles of ketchup does one family need?

We have 4 bottles of ketchup in our fridge. I know how this happened. My husband has worked for churches for years and each time a picnic gets planned someone buys ketchup. Then during clean-up stuff gets bundled up and send it home with us and I put it all away before I realize that the condiments have arrived home with us as well.

I'm pretty sure that's how we have 6 partial and random jars of pickle products. I don't even eat pickles. And mustards of all varieties. These aren't small bottles either. These are bottles that people have bought for large-scale events. So I wiped down the shelves and moved the massive bottles to the fridge in the basement to await the next time we are invited to a picnic at which time I will volunteer to bring the condiments, because - as all our friends know - we have the best stocked fridge in town when it comes to condiments!!


March 27, 2009 at 12:16 AM Staci said...

Now I'm hungry for pickles! I should really clean my fridge out too.

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