Nora on Lifetime!

This weekend Lifetime Television replayed the previous Nora Roberts' movies in order to get us ready for the new titles that will be making their way to the small screen including Northern Lights which premiered with LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Now, I should admit that I know who she is  - barely - but I haven't a clue who he is. Sorry. There are some holes in my cultural literacy but I've read many Nora Roberts books over the past eight years and several can be found on my keeper shelf.

My interest is in how well romance fiction can translate from the written page, where I get to create part of the drama, to the small screen, where the actors and the director have their turn to portray the story the way they see it. I missed the movies the first time so Northern Lights will be my first NR on Lifetime and I have to admit that they probably did as well as they could in a less than two hour format. The novel is much more complex and I highly recommend it. It's definitely on my keeper shelf.

If you aren't a follower of Nora Roberts, give a book a try. Her early books were written as category romances when her children were little and if that doesn't just go to show what a mom with talent and perseverance can do - well, I don't know what does. 

So, grab a good book. Be sure to carve out some time to watch the next Nora on Lifetime and don't forget to enter the great sweepstakes that that Lifetime is offering because that is a very Cool Idea!


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