To Companies that Make Minivans

A General Announcement:
I had almost decided to buy one of the great behemoths full of cup holders and in flight entertainment until I noticed one thing. It was after trying to pack for a week at the beach that I came to this decision. Pack-n-Plays, a double stroller, coolers of food, luggage, and necessities for the trip were pack around us and up to the gills of our car when we left our house and by the time we returned home I had begun to think that worrying about automatic liftgates and other things haven't had to consider would be worth it.

Then I went online to take a look at the rest of the story and true disappointment set it. No one makes a red minivan. Burgundy, maybe, but not a true red. So then I looked at the other colors to see what fun options were available. [Crickets.]

Can I just tell you how hard it was to get past all of my previous, ingrained, anti-minivan static in my head? I grew up making fun of the early minivans so why would I want to drive one? Gotta tell you - they got a lot more pick up and go then what I drive now:) but they don't come in any fun colors. They come in beige and white and shades that I don't even have words for and that the manufactures require 2-3 words to describe. The minivan palette seems to be one that is supposed to blend in with suburban siding, and maybe that's okay, but that's not me and that's not where I live. I need a car that is a fun color and preferably RED. Or bright blue. That would be good, too. 

So, you make a minivan that is a fun color and not metallic- a primary color preferably - and I will promise to consider buying it. But until then I will not join the ranks of the those that drive cars that are silver sunset pearl or whatever you call that shade of beige.  Okay. Thanks.


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